S235JR – S450J0 ; C4D – C82D ; C4C – C20C
G3Si1; G3Si1; G4Si1; G3Si2; G2Ti; G3Ni1
C35EC; C35RC; C45EC; C45RC; 37Mo2; 38Cr2;46Cr2; 34Cr2; 37Cr4
41Cr4; 41CrS4; 25CrMo4; 34CrMo4; 37CrMo4; 42CrMo4
17MnB4; 20MnB4; 23MnB4; 27MnB4; 30MnB4; 36MnB4; 37MnB4
Thickness: 5,5 – 25,00mm
Coil weight:  1500 – 2800 kg

Other qualities and dimensions according to common agreement.